alice loper

master’s student in counseling

supervised by sandra davis, psyd

I am a master’s practicum student, pursuing my Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Amberton University. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Texas Woman’s University.

Humans are social creatures. I believe the nature of our relationships largely determines how we feel, act, and think. Likewise, the way we feel, act, and think affects our relationships. The therapeutic relationship is an important one. My goal is to create a space for my clients to feel emotionally safe to share their goals and dreams with me so that together we can make a plan and get to work meeting those goals. Together.

I take an integrative approach to counseling, drawing from a variety of therapies and techniques. These include primarily Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Existential Therapy. Some of my practice interests include attachment theory, anxiety and depressive disorders, mood and personality disorders, gender dysphoria, sexual disorders, emotional abuse and neglect, and complex PTSD, and I hope to do research one day.

I am happy to help anyone who wants or needs it. Some populations I have taken a particular interest in include previously incarcerated people, the LBGTQ+ community, Native Americans, artists and musicians, people in alternative relationships and lifestyles including polyamory, and those in the BDSM and kink communities.

Alice works out of ROCC’s McKinney office. To schedule an appointment with her, please call 469-772-0948 or email ROCC's McKinney office at