kam ragland, MA

licensed professional counselor - intern

supervised by rachel meltzer, LPC-S

My hope is to help clients create a rich, full & meaningful life–and not allow anxiety, depression or self doubt stand in the way of doing what they care about. I work from a mindfulness and acceptance based framework called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which helps clients to rework the relationship they have with their struggles, so that they have far less influence on their behavior. I also help clarify what is truly important, which can to be used to guide, inspire and motivate individuals to move in directions that enrich their lives.
I have an interest in helping clients disentangle from the influence of evaluative, judgmental or self-critical thoughts; and walking side-by-side to develop acceptance, non-judgment and compassion. I have experience working with clients who struggle with concerns related to depression and anxiety, including OCD, social anxiety, hoarding.
I have also worked with individuals who have experienced the profound grief of losing a child in pregnancy. And I have training in a parenting approach called Parenting by Connection that helps parents manage their children’s emotions and set limits while maintaining warm connection with their children.

Contact me directly at 972-638-7199 or at kamragland@meltzercounseling.com