lindsay ballinger, PhD, LPC-S

post-doctoral resident in psychology

supervised by sandra davis, psyd

I have always had a passion for helping those in need.  This need can come in many forms, but I have built my life on the need to seek change.  Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes talking with someone not living in those changes can provide a new outlook and comfort.  I believe that through the therapeutic relationship, individuals can receive the support they need to help them through the up and down moments of life.

Currently, I am a post-doctoral resident with a PhD in clinical psychology.  I have two master’s degrees: a Master of Science in Applied Psychology and a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, and have used this license in many settings, including private practice, non-profit, hospital, and community mental health.  I currently supervise master's-level interns under this license. 

I have experience teaching at Texas A&M-Commerce in the undergraduate psychology department.  I have also worked with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of diagnoses.  I am Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy certified, as well as Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy certified.  Additionally, I have training in Nurturing Parenting and Skills Streaming.  Through all of my experience and training, my passion has been rooted in helping others find comfort in seeking change.

I focus on what each individual client needs and desires to change in the therapeutic setting.  I work from a primarily Cognitive-Behavioral perspective, focusing on the link between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as it pertains to current symptoms and behavioral presentation.  Therapy is a personal and individual journey, but I believe the journey does not have to occur alone.  I believe social support is important to success, and I am willing to include family, friends, and close supportive relationships in the therapeutic process.

Lindsay works out of ROCC's McKinney office. To schedule an appointment directly with her, please email her at