sean blackburn, mA

licensed professional counselor

I earned my Masters degree in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. I use an approach to counseling which takes into account the spiritual, psychological, social, and biological dimensions of the client.  I strive to establish and maintain a relationship with my clients which is characterized by equality and cooperation. This relationship allows you to explore needs, perspectives, and goals during our time together. I will work alongside you and offer appropriate interventions to encourage the achievement of your goals. I have provided counseling in a number of different locations, such as Dallas Theological Seminary, Integrated Psychotherapeutic Services, Dallas Christian College, His Story Coaching and Counseling, and the Navigators’ Headquarters in Colorado Springs. I have experience working with men, women, and children. I specialize in issues of depression, anxiety, addiction, guilt/shame, anger, trauma, couples, and groups. I am a certified Prepare/Enrich counselor and provide pre-engagement/premarital counseling as well. It is my joy in life to be able to walk alongside those who are in need of a safe place to process life’s uncertainties.

To schedule an appointment directly with Sean, please call 972-421-8713 or email