sean blackburn, mA

licensed professional counselor

I specialize in individual therapy with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, and addiction. I work from a psychodynamic perspective in therapy, which means that I am interested in unconscious motivations that could be contributing to dissatisfaction in life. I take great interest in dreams and recurring fantasies and see them as useful in therapy if the client ever wants to process them.

I received my master's degree in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary where I learned to integrate faith and psychology. Although I practice from a Christian worldview, I do not limit my clientele to the Christian community. I am open to working with men and women from all backgrounds of faith and non-faith.

I attempt to maintain a benign curiosity to try and understand the inner world of the people I work with. Along the way, my hope is to communicate warmth, empathy, and non-judgment to the person sharing their story with me, in hopes that they can respond the same way to themselves someday.

Sean is currently in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna, and also offers private pay sessions. He works out of ROCC's Plano office. To schedule an appointment directly with him, please call 972-421-8713 or email at