Therapeutic Yoga

individual yoga sessions

Individual sessions begin with a separate consultation session where the yoga instructor can get to know the client. We learn about the client’s hopes, goals, and fears, and learn about any physical and mental injuries. This initial session is a time to help best tailor every subsequent session to the client’s needs.

Sessions following the consultation will have a generally consistent structure: breath work, asanas (postures), progressive muscle relaxation. However, every sequence is made with the individual client in mind. The uniqueness of the client is always honored.

group yoga sessions

Small group sessions (maximum of 4 people) are perfect for those with trauma and anxiety disorders; these groups are focused on reconnecting with our bodies. Small groups allow for comfort and safety, as well as more individualized guidance. Larger groups (maximum of 8) are more appropriate for those with depression or addiction who would thrive in an environment with more social connection.

Groups will begin with breath work — energizing breaths for those who need to lift or increase energy, balancing breaths for those who need to down-regulate. Poses during the session will be tailored to the comfort level of participants; the practice will be gentle, and the pace will be relaxed. The session will also include a guided meditation, a visualization exercise, or progressive muscle relaxation. Participants will also learn how each pose promotes healing of body and mind, and how skills can be incorporated into a home practice.

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