ugonma anyanya

master’s student in counseling

supervised by sandra davis, psyd

Ugonma Anyanya is pursuing her master's degree in Professional Counseling from Amberton University. She received her bachelor's from Texas Tech University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology.

Ugonma's main goals in counseling are to help her clients create quality relationships in their lives and improve their well-being. To achieve this, she incorporates a mixture of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach and Reality Therapy. Her practice interests include working with couples, as well as individuals with personality disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Mental health is important, and Ugonma believes it should be available to people of all ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds. So, she is passionate about diversity and discussing multicultural issues. She hopes to create a safe space for all her clients to feel comfortable on their journey to better health.

Ugonma works out of ROCC’s McKinney office. To schedule an appointment with her, please call 469-772-0948 or email ROCC's McKinney office at