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Since 2012, we have offered mental health services to the community regardless of their ability to pay.  These services have been offered in 8 different languages. Our therapists are consistently engaged in training, research, reading groups, and case consultation - keeping us ever-growing, challenged, and renewed.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a full spectrum of quality mental health services to the community.  Our services are offered as fee-for-service, with health insurance, at reduced fees, and at no charge to the patient.   We aim to have a therapist and fee that matches everyone's circumstances, and to offer such services for how ever long the work takes.  We value meaningful work that has deep and lasting effects, and ROCC clinicians collectively support one another in this endeavor.  If you're interested in the beautifully challenging and rewarding work of engaged mental health, then let's get started.   

Jealousy empty of ego is passion. Inferiority empty of ego is humility. Narcissism empty of ego is love of one’s soul.
— Thomas Moore, The Soul's Religion

What We've Achieved

  • Fall madly in love with clinical work, and support each other in this love affair.

Also ...

  • Provide desperately needed services to patients from within and beyond the DFW Metroplex.

  • Provide services in 7 different languages

    • English, Spanish, and French

    • Hindi, Punjab, and Urdu

    • Farsi.

  • Work collaboratively with college and university departments to ensure students receive the necessary accommodations for successful academic work.

  • Work collaboratively with patient's psychiatric and medical care.

  • Work collaboratively with other agencies and mental health professionals in treatment planning, consultation, and co-therapy.

  • Work efficiently and creatively to keep costs low to patients, and ensure fair payment to therapists.

Perhaps most importantly ...

  • Love what we do with whom we do it with - deeply, compassionately, and with a bit of humor.