current group counseling services:

adult interpersonal process group

This group is ideal for those who seek to better understand how they relate with others. Using the interactions between each individual in the group, members can hope to gain insight into personal behaviors and reactions. Thus, with increased awareness, and accepting feedback from the group, individuals are encouraged to make changes towards building healthier and stronger relationships.

This group will be held out of the ROCC Richardson office.

teen coping skills group

This group is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13-15, and provides a unique perspective on group counseling. Ideal for teens experiencing symptoms of chronic stress, depression, and/or anxiety, this group will allow participants to learn new ways of coping with stress through discussion, expressive arts, and activities.

This group will be held out of the ROCC McKinney office.


Small group sessions (maximum of 4 people) are perfect for those with trauma and anxiety disorders; these groups are focused on reconnecting with our bodies. Small groups allow for comfort and safety, as well as more individualized guidance. Larger groups (maximum of 8) are more appropriate for those with depression or addiction who would thrive in an environment with more social connection.

Groups will begin with breath work — energizing breaths for those who need to lift or increase energy, balancing breaths for those who need to down-regulate. Poses during the session will be tailored to the comfort level of participants; the practice will be gentle, and the pace will be relaxed. The session will also include a guided meditation, a visualization exercise, or progressive muscle relaxation. Participants will also learn how each pose promotes healing of body and mind, and how skills can be incorporated into a home practice.

Yoga sessions will be held out of the ROCC Richardson and Plano offices.


Parenting can be challenging. We often find ourselves battling our children over things like putting on shoes, getting homework done, or screen time. This group aims to: help parents develop more effective disciplinary strategies and clearer boundaries; aid in assisting parents in understanding their children’s emotions; learn how to help their children express their thoughts and feelings; understand their children’s developmentally appropriate academic needs.

This group is ideal for parents with elementary aged children and will be offered in both English and Spanish.

This group will be held out of the ROCC Richardson office.


La crianza de los hijos puede ser un desafío. A menudo nos encontramos luchando contra nuestros hijos por ponerse zapatos, hacer la tarea o pasar tiempo frente a la pantalla. Este grupo será para: ayudar a los padres a desarrollar estrategias disciplinarias más efectivas y límites más claros; ayudar a los padres a comprender las emociones de sus hijos; aprender a ayudar a sus hijos a expresar sus pensamientos y sentimientos; y comprender las necesidades académicas apropiadas para el desarrollo de sus hijos.

Este grupo es ideal para padres con niños en la primaria y se ofrecerá en inglés y español.

Se llevara a cabo de la oficina de ROCC en Richardson.

dungeons and dragons therapy group

This group aims to use the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons to aid individuals in addressing concerns in a safe and fun way. Through questing and working together with their party, individuals will be able to experiment with new ways of being and interacting, as well as to learn from others. This group is a good fit for those struggling with social barriers, anxiety, and other concerns such as depression. Ideal age range is 18-25, but the group is not strictly limited to this age.

This group will be held out of the ROCC Richardson office

root force: a men’s trauma group

The aim of this group is to bring together men who desire to grow alongside fellow individuals who have gone through similar traumas. Within this group, men meet in hopes of understanding from where they are acting, and reacting, in the aim of developing fuller awareness towards the scope of their trauma’s effects. The camaraderie this group offers sets the secure framework in which men can continue along that journey towards healing and resilience. This group is ideal for adult men with a history of trauma, regardless of diagnosis. 

This group will be held out of the ROCC Richardson office.

the fourth trimester

This group is aimed to support postpartum mothers as they learn to balance their new relationship as parent while maintaining their identity. We will explore topics like: how to restore vitality, coping with crying, sleep, and feeding, balancing emotions, and building our baby’s brain. Bumps and babies up to 6 months welcome!

This group will be held out of the ROCC Plano office.


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